Hendo said what?

Dan Henderson is a legend, the last person to hold the Middle Weight and Light Heavy Weight Belts in Pride, at the same time. Also the only person to hold 2 belts simultaneously in Pride. He went to war with Wanderlei Silva when he was still considered ‘The Ax Murderer’ twice, tasting defeat once and winning the LW belt on the second. He has had 2 stints in the UFC, fought for the LW and Middleweight belt, KNOCKED BISPING THE F23K OUT, is about to fight Fedor Emelianko at HW, was part of the original Team Quest with Randy Couture and Matt Lindland, the list goes on and on. With that said, I call ‘BS’! The following quotes from a recent interview are the most ridiculous things to come out of Hendo’s mouth.

When asked about moving over to the UFC by 5th round:
“It hasn’t crossed my mind, really,”  “I’m pretty happy where I am at. I think there’s plenty of guys that fight in Strikeforce right now [that I could face].“I think it would be pretty neat to be involved with, possibly down the road, unifying the title or something like that, but I’m pretty satisfied where I’m at.”

It never crossed your mind? Really? Not even when the promotion you left bought your new promotional home? How ’bout when the Strikeforce WW title holder was offered a shot at the UFC WW title holder, still not a flicker huh? What about when every single reporter, and I mean EVERY reporter was asking every fighter on the Strikeforce roster ‘what they thought about the buyout and if they would like to move over to the UFC’. Still didn’t cross your mind? Hmmmm. Maybe it’s early onset Alzheimers, or, it’s BS! I like Hendo, so I’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt and shy away from the Alzheimer’s theory. I do believe he is satisfied: his rumored payday for the Fedor fight is 1.5 million. Yup, 1.5 million dollars. I might find some satisfaction in there somewhere.

That’s IT!

Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief.