Hendo to Dream?

Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Dan Henderson has to be looking at a few challenges surely coming his way in the near future.

Fedor Emelianenko provides his most immediate, of course, but there’s more brewing after the fight.

With his contract almost up, and no love lost with the UFC, Henderson will likely find his fighting future for a promotion like Dream. He’ll probably demand too much for Bellator, MFC or Bamma, which leaves few options.

Dream most likely

A source more connected in the MMA world than MMA Rants Today has speculated that Dream will be Henderson’s future home. They have a big enough name to host Hendo and they have the money.

Another possibility is ProElite, which recently decided to get back into MMA promotion and would be looking to add a high profile fighter like Henderson, just as Strikeforce did to built it’s brand when Hendo came free of the UFC.

As there always is with a fighter of Hendo’s age, there’s talk of retirement. But if he has a strong showing against Fedor, just like Tito Ortiz’s against Ryan Bader, retirement talk will fade and he’ll become a relatively hot commodity again.

One thing’s for sure: We’re more likely to see Dana White cornering Paul Daley than Hendo back in the UFC.