Here Comes Bibiano, there goes Bibiano…

The Death of DREAM has and will have an interesting impact on MMA in our favourite part of the world. I see MFC, Bellator, Strikeforce and of course the UFC cherry picking the best of the best that DREAM had to offer, that is of course not counting the fighters ONE FC snatches up.

The first on this list so far is Bibiano Fernandes. Yup, Bibiano! Bibiano faces Roland Delorme at UFC 149…as I read on Twitter “Poor Roland Delorme”. That’s what we would have written if Bibiano hadn’t publicly stated that he’s not signed to the UFC and he’s not sure where or when he’s gonna fight again. As quickly as they come, they go.

From Bibiano’s Facebook page:

“It was announced that I, Bibiano Fernandes, have been contracted to fight for the organization at UFC 149 which will take place in the city of Calgary on the 21st of July. I would like to make it clear that I am not a UFC athlete as I did not sign any contract with the UFC organization. Negotiations between the UFC and myself did take place, however, we could not resolve the issues on the table and as a result we did not come to an agreement.”

Apparently the MONEY wasn’t right for the DREAM Bantamweight Champ.

“I did not find the terms set before me by the UFC beneficial to my family and as a result an agreement could not be reached and no contract was signed,”

Dana White told

“If the guy says he didn’t sign, he didn’t sign. That’s why I don’t like announcing a lot of stuff, because these guys will have a verbal, and verbals suck. You can’t get anything done with a verbal. “He’ a grown man, he can go fight somewhere else if he wants if he doesn’t have a deal.”

Expect to see Bibiano in One FC very soon, at least that’s our guess right now. It’s a shame too, cause the Bantamweight division could have really used him.

From MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani:

However, moments later, he was offered a more lucrative deal from ONE FC. Fernandes was then forced to make a difficult decision: sign with the more established UFC for less money or take a chance on ONE FC, who was offering a bigger contract. While it initially seemed as though Fernandes was leaning towards signing with the UFC, his wife, who is seven months pregnant, wanted him to take more time weigh his options. So Fernandes and his wife have decided to wait until their child is born in two months before deciding who they will sign with.

Rumble young man Rumble