Hey Uncle Dana, Can We Have Leonard Garcia Back?

Bring_LeoGar_Back150 Hey Uncle Dana, it’s me, Jimmy.

You’ve put on some great events recently. I’ve really enjoyed them.

But I’ve noticed something. The events have been a little, well, thin of star power. On top of that, several of your stars are getting injured, possibly with career ending injuries.

You’ve got a large roster, thanks to your recent acquisitions and recently added weight classes, and surely some new stars will emerge.

But there’s one star you’re familiar with, who can help you right now.

It’s time to bring Leonard Garcia back.

Since leaving the UFC, he’s switched training camps, gone 3-0, been challenged but victorious in fights, dominated in fights, even won by submission… and he’s never been knocked out in his career. He’s still got a lot left in him.

He’s a better fighter now than he was when he was released. A smarter fighter. And there’s no questioning his heart. The man is the closest thing to a real Ralph Macchio Karate Kid that combat sports has ever seen.

He can challenge in both featherweight and lightweight divisions.

But most importantly, he’s got that it factor. He brings interest to any card he fights on. And you need that right now.

So what do you say, Uncle Dana, bring Leonard Garcia back?