Hip-hop style Beef may “Save” Women’s MMA!

Without casting stones or making judgments before it all plays out, we all can agree that the Cris Cyborg “news” was a damaging blow to women’s MMA. With Zuffa’s Head Honcho Dana White seemingly warming up to the pugilistic women of the sport, this could not have come at a worse time. Cyborg Santos is arguably or maybe  not so much of an argument, the biggest name in Women’s MMA. Things were looking pretty bad from this fan’s point of view and then two MMA fighters took a Cue from Hip-Hop and the Beef got to cooking! Wooah!

A a result: On March 3rd we get to see Miesha “Take down” Tate defend her Strikeforce Bantamweight Championship against the Olympic Bronze Medal Judo winner Ronda “The Armbar Assassin” Rousey! Wow! And to think, this fight rightfully should have gone to Sarah Kaufman, the actual number one contender in her (and many analysts’s) eyes. Well Ms.“The Armbar Assassin” pretty much started  a twitter war… yea I know, I feel like I have on a pair of skinny jeans and a snap back just typing the words “Twitter war” lol, with Miesha “Take down” and pretty much tweeted her way into a title fight.

In my humble fan-boy.. err scratch that, Fan Guy’s (I’m a Man baby!) Opinion; Ronda got the fight because she created excitement, Pissed off the Champ, and made people want to pay to see her. Most of all she’s hot, yea she looks pretty damn cute but.. She is hot! Hot as in 4-0 Homies, 4 win’s via “ARMBAR”. “The Armbar Assassin” as  anointed by Mauro Ranallo, is the perfect name for this American Judoka. Let’s not forget this young woman train’s with the legendary “Judo” Gene Lebell, Manny Gamburyan and the whole Hayastan fighting team. In short, her ground game is serious homies! Very Serious! Just ask Julia Budd .“Tap or Snap” is not just a cute catch phrase! With that said; she may have bitten off more than she can … well armbar in the champion Miesha Tate. I love Miesha’s fighting style, she’s a tough grinder, very technical in her approach, and a damn beast with the ground & pound catch wrestling style, I have this debate all the time but I think a great catch wrestler will beat a Judoka or Jujitsu player most of the time.

Yes, Sarah Kaufman has a legitimate argument in that she should be next in line for the title shot and I agree with every single point she has made in pleading  her case, but like it or not MMA is Sport “Entertainment”! Not as in WWE but…still at the end of the day, Zuffa’s bottom line is putting asses in seats, live or on your couch. Big Names and Personalities can do that. I’m an independent  musician living in Hollywood and out here at a certain level talent is assumed, everyone is good, but those who separate themselves from the pack get or create the opportunities for themselves. Ronda did just that, and she is more than “good” Hey not for nothing, I respect the game to the highest level but I also respect my manhood and dudes like to see hot women, and Yes Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey are two of the cutest women in the sport but most importantly and thank goodness, they are also two of the most skilled.

I’m excited! I really can’t wait to see this fight! I hope the excitement continues to grow in the public for this fight, Between the Cris Cyborg incident and the consistently terrible, terrible officiating by one Kim Winslow, women’s MMA in general could use it. I love this sport!!!

By Nameo The Great!

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