Hobbits: The Desolation of Joe

DesolationIf you had any question about who the baddest hobbit on the planet is, Demetrious Johnson answered them at UFC on Fox 9 with his devastating knockout of Joseph Benavidez.

Like Jon Jones out-Sonnen-ing Chael Sonnen, Johnson took it to Benavidez and beat him at his own game. Benavidez is a powerful puncher and known for his aggression in the cage, but it was Johnson who was the aggressor, had worked on sitting down on his punches in training and gave the fans the result they wanted (and expected from Benavidez on Johnson): not just a knockout, but like everything Mighty Mouse does, the fastest knockout in UFC Flyweight history.

Now that he’s beaten his last two rematch challengers, it appears that Johnson is the anti-Edgar, ruining any possibility of a rubbermatch. Every time he rematches, he comes in better than before. He is the undisputed Flyweight champion, but he is clearly still hungry.

There is a lot of talent in the division. Eventually, Johnson will meet his match. But don’t count on it happening anytime soon…