Honald Heagan and the great Heefer debate as told by Joe Hogan

So Eddie Bravo did a video about the benefits of Marijuana. In the video, he says it’s good for music, BJJ and he gives credit to all he’s accomplished to weed. It’s pissed off a ton of people and led to many a debate on the internets by trolls and everyone in between. In the video above (cued to the funniest part by the way) Renato Laranja grills Joe Rogan (or Hogan as he says) about his use and recommendation of weed. If you’ve never heard Joe’s stand up or seen his podcast, then you might now know how intelligent he is. This is not a man you want get into an uninformed debate with. The resulting battle (shawdy english skills aside) is hilarious.


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Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief

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