How you know MMA’s being mainstreamed.

Driving in to work today, I heard an ad for a viewing party for UFC 148. Not so odd, as far as ads go,  I mean, UFC viewing parties are common at sports bars, gentlemen’s clubs… but this was not that.

This was for a viewing party at Circus Circus.

That’s right, that “drop your kids off in our Midway and go have some fun” casino, kid-friendly pioneer (by Vegas standards), Circus Circus!

Growing up near Los Angeles, my family visited Vegas many times during my childhood. Almost every trip involved a day at Circus Circus, spending the day overstimulated on their Midway, playing games and… well, playing games.

The only cage action there was the motorcycle stunt duo in the spherical cage elevated over the casino floor. But not any more… It’s even one of their featured items on the front page of their website!

I think this is a great sign for MMA. Another step in it’s mainstream acceptance.

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