Hyper vigiliance

We need to have a sanctioning body for Ref’s, a worldwide sanctioning body.  Straight down the line for all MMA Ref’s.

First lesson, if a fighter is in a choke, watch his hands and eyes constantly, back and forth, then scan the body. Rinse,wash,repeat, like drivers Ed. Scan the mirrors, left, middle, right, watch the road ahead, repeat. If you’ve seen the Kim Coture (both videos are below) or the French Ref from Turkey (that sounds like some bad B movie title doesn’t it?) you know what I’m referring to. In both cases, death coud have occurred, that’s the last thing we need. One mistake by a Ref leading to a fighters death, the whole sport collapses. I may sound melodramatic, but I firmly believe it would be the fuel necessary to light the fire again. There are groups worldwide looking for a reason to ban the sport. A fighter dying in the ring due to a prolonged choke, because of a careless Ref, would spark outrage. The first step would be eliminating chokes from the sport, (can you say ‘BORING‘) followed by eliminating submissions in general, what are we left with? Basically a form of K-1. No longer MMA, all because of a careless Ref.

Sure, I took that example all the way to the Potomac and back, with good reason, it’s a possibility, a huge possibility. Not  to mention, a sanctioning body for MMA Ref’s isn’t a bad idea, take ‘bad reffing’ out of the equation, what I mean by that is; missing the cheats, the errant eye pokes, knees to the groin, holding the fence etc. Let’s just forget about those aspects and focus on hyper vigilance, the first job of a Ref is ‘fighter safety’. A sanctioning body that forces Ref’s to go through a specific set of classes and then re-certify every 6 months is the answer. Add the ‘bad reffing’ items into the course curriculum and you have a winner. Ref’s would be taught the basics of MMA, hands on. Each Ref would have to train basic Muy Tai, Kickboxing, Wrestling, BJJ, Boxing etc. Just basic, white belt stuff. Followed by basic Paramedic training, what to look for in an accident victim, i.e. vital signs, signs of shock, signs of concussion; all the things that would pertain to a fighter in the Cage/Ring. Lastly would be basic ring etiquette, how to start a fight, when to separate fighters, stand up fighters, how to handle the boos by the crowd, etc etc. The Second most important lesson would be ‘point deductions’. Ref’s would be taught to give 1 warning, then automatic point deduction for infractions. The Ref’s would start by telling the fighters in the back room meeting before the bout, then the Ref would state it again in the Cage/Ring. If all fighters knew that the Ref would give them only 1 warning for each infraction before automatically deducting points, we would see a lot less cheating. NO more holding the cage, holding of shorts, knees to the groin, the list goes on, you get my point. If every fighter knew that the Ref’s were all on the exact same system, we would see substantially less of the afore mentioned infractions.

The sport of MMA would have some pretty savvy Ref’s, leading to, possibly less controversial stoppages and stand ups. While we are at it lets send the Judges to the same place, have them take the same courses, only they have to re-certify every 3 months. Their score cards must be checked by an independent company, if there are too many suspicious scores (like a 30-27 when the other 2 judges see it as 29-28) the judge is sent back to re-certify. The 10 point must system is disregarded for an aggression, control, attack, damage system. Meaning a fighter on the bottom could conceivably win a decision. I think I’m on to something here, all I need is a bout 1 million dollars from an investor, and I coud start the whole organization. Just go to the contact page and send me your contact info and how much you are willing to invest along with your bank account number and password.(we apologize for our Editor in Chief’s attempt to cash in and leave us here to man the site. in the future, make all checks payable to mmarantstoday.com and staff, we greatly appreciate it; carry on) Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Be prepared, these two videos are kinda scary. If ypu’ve ever fought and or trained, you know how scary it is to cross that line or be on the other side of that line. I hope these Ref’s are punished, then some sort of reform is instated.


That’s it!
Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover …Editor in Chief