I know these are subjective, but WTF

First off, all of the fighters are from Zuffa. Second Chael is #3, Vitor is #2 , Weidman is #3, tied with Chael? Really! Vitor has been out of action, his last win was over Akiyama, a guy who should have never been at 185 to begin with, and that puts him over Weidman and Chael? I’m confused. The only thing I’m not confused about is that ESPN is riding Vitor’s d1ck, they’ve also forgotten about or ignored the rest of the fighters in the world.

ESPN.com power rankings for the middleweight division’s top 10 MMA fighters:

1. Anderson Silva 32-4-0

2. Vitor Belfort 21-9-0

3. Chris Weidman 9-0-0

3 Chael Sonnen 27-12-1

5 Michael Bisping 22-4-0

6 Luke Rockhold 10-1-0

7 Hector Lombard 31-2-1

8 Mark Munoz 12-3-0

9 Alan Belcher 18-6-0

10 Ronaldo Souza 15-3-0

That’s it!
Anthony Dominguez
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