I totally agree with McCall

Ian Mcall, Tachi Palace Fights Flyweight Champion and widely considered the best Flyweight in the world, recently posted on The Underground (MMA Forum) begging Dana White to add his weight class ASAP. McCall went so far as to butter up Dana with some compliments about his lack of hair.

I agree with McCall, Dana White, you beautiful bald headed CEO, add the Flyweights now! You won’t be disappointed, I won’t be disappointed, the rest of the UFC fans won’t be disappointed, the fighters filling the Flyweight slots wont’ be disappointed. It’s a win, win, win, win for everyone!

China is opening up, Japan is having a bit of a resurgence, Latin America is gonna be onboard with Fox Latino coverage of everything UFC. The time is right, the Asian market houses some of the best Flyweights in the world, perfect way to invade a new market. As a Latino, I can tell you we love the lighter weight fighters. Chavez, De La Hoya, Roberto Duran, Pacquiao…I could go on an on. The biggest MMA promotion in the world needs to house the best Flyweights in the world, today!

From The UG:

From: Uncle Creepy
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As we all know I’ve been begging Dana to add my weight class, I need a UFC belt!!! There’s no doubt in my mind I will beat anyone put in front of me at 125, my cardio is great 5 rounds will benefit me, I felt montague break and I wasn’t even tired in the 3rd round.

I’m begging!!!!!! Dana!!!! The man with the beautiful bald head!!! Add flyweights please!!!!!! I swear on my holy mustache you will not be disappointed!!!!!


– yours truly, uncle creepy…



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