“I’m 40!” Revenge of the Geezers (Cung Le Edition)

Cung Le is an accomplished man.

A San Shou kickboxing champion, former Strikeforce middleweight champion and a celebrated action film star with a movie about to come out that could easily be his biggest film success to date and at UFC 148 he achieved something that at 40, he had yet to do: He got a victory in The Octagon™.

His performance against Patrick Cote exhibited not only his martial arts talent, but his heart, as he powered through exhaustion and took the fight. Joe Rogan’s interview after Le’s hand was raised pretty ham-handedly pushed the idea that Cung Le might retire, now that he had a win in the UFC.

At the post-fight press conference, Le was asked about his future, and while he initially said he would take some time to heal and think about his options, Dana White stepped in and spoke for Le, saying he would be heading back to the gym to prepare for the UFC’s venture into China. After Le repeated Dana’s answer, Dana announced he was Le’s translator for the presser. It was a funny moment.

At 40, it looks like Cung Le’s got a bright future, both inside The Octagon™ and on the big screen. We at MMA Rants Today are looking forward to seeing where his career leads.