“I’m 40!” Revenge of the Geezers! (Neil Grove Edition)

The last time that Bellator had a heavyweight tournament, Neil Grove finished second. That’s right: he fought his way up through the ranks and lost in the final match of the tournament. No one who gets to that spot ever really seems to think of that as a good outcome. They become obsessed with winning that last match; beating that last opponent.

Neil Grove seems to be a very focused individual.

Saturday, at Bellator’s 47th event, the promotion’s first in Canada, Neil Grove fought a very short war with Zac Jensen.

I say both “very short” because he won by TKO in the first round, and “war” because for a moment there, it looked like these guys were going to punch each other out and achieve that rare, never-coveted thing: a double knockout.

As I mentioned in a previous edition, at 40, with the type of punishment usually dished out in MMA, a man is looking at best at the tail end of his career. While this may be true of most, Grove is quick to point out that he really only has a few years of competition under his belt, which means he hasn’t taken that kind of beating on a regular basis for very long…

Honestly, he looked good. Not “Cain Valesquez” good, but good. Certainly strong enough of a showing to make him a contender at the next Bellator heavyweight tournament.