“I’m 40!” Revenge of the Geezers! (Pete Spratt Edition)

I”ll admit it: Seeing Chuck Liddell and then Randy Couture retire bummed me out.

Not that I disagreed with their decisions. Seeing Wandi get dismantled by Leben pretty much gave me all the justification necessary to support them. Hell, seeing Randy take that kick did it. (Although I’m pretty sure a younger version of Couture would’ve hit the canvas after taking that direct hit. A younger Couture might have dodged it, I suppose…)

Which is why I get concerned when older fighters decide to continue their careers and fight much younger competition, especially if they’ve taken a lot of punishment over the years (Looking at you, Jens Pulver).

Thankfully, that was not the case this weekend, as two 40 year olds got into the ring against younger competition and proved that age is nothing but a… well, let’s not go that far. Let’s just say they performed well enough that age didn’t come into it. This time.

Friday night brought Legacy Fighting Championship 7 from Houston, Texas and with it, proud 40 year old striker Pete Spratt. Now, Pete Spratt’s been fighting since early ’99. (That’s right: I said early ’99 not 1999, like kids say they are 5 and a half when asked their age, although a kid born in early ’99 would just say he was 11.) Look at his wiki page: the man has fought for so many promotions, he may have taken this bout just to check Legacy Fighting Championships off of his list!

Spratt was a guest on the panel at Inside MMA on HD-Net last week, and he noted that it was the first time he’d appeared. While remarkable, given his long career, it shouldn’t take long for them to have him back on; he was a lively guest, well spoken and opinionated and a good balancing presence on the panel (as elders usually are). The man has stories. More importantly, he seems to remember them.

One very short story he can tell, is when he fought in Legacy Fighting Championships 7 in Houston and knocked a sucker out with one punch, 18 seconds into the fight.

That’s right: One punch, 18 seconds.

HD-Net spent more time showing Pete going to his favorite Thai Place in Houston in the pre-fight package than it took for Spratt to knock out his opponent.*

Mere moments before the punch, announcer Michael “The Voice” Schiavallo told the audience (and co-announcer Frank Trigg) that he’d seen Spratt knock someone out on a lead jab once. And then it happened. I’m telling you: you couldn’t script that any better! Schiavallo was beside himself with excitement. It was fun to listen to.

What’s next for Pete Spratt? Based on this performance, more HD-Net appearances, something I’ll be very happy to watch!



*I’m not naming his opponent here. You could easily google it and find out. I feel that someone on a regional card gets put down so quick, they don’t need me putting their name out there. Although, I have to admit, a guy who’s 5’10” and whose nickname is “King Kong” does provide quite the temptation to ridicule… Alright. I’ve said too much.