War_Machine_PornFor those of you who are into this kind of thing (and lets admit it, who isn’t?) War Machine has his own porn page on a site called pornhub. Yes, War Machine, Bellator’s poster boy for rehabilitation and our lovely penal system.

I’m not hating on him for his porn past, present or future. I’m just wondering about how this reflects on Bellator and MMA as a whole. MMA is still on the fringe of being mainstream, which means certain activities could damage it’s fragile foothold.

Who am I kidding, I’m a bit jealous of War Machine’s lifestyle (aside from the jail terms, random violence against women and unlucky men, and presidential death threats). The man just don’t give a F23K! He lives by his own code, F23K a job, F23K my boss if he doesn’t like my pornstar GF (or EX GF depending on the day), F23K if you don’t agree with him. It’s hard not to be a bit jealous of that mindset and lifestyle. I really don’t give a F23K how his antics effect Bellator of MMA as a whole, I’m entertained by it, by Bellator’s decisions and by War Machine’s constant struggle against the man.

For those that want to look a little closer, (and have a thing for Christy Mack) his site is pornhub.com/users/warmachinemma. I can’t stress enough that this is NSFW!


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