This week’s ‘I’m Starting a Rumor’ features the one and only Roy Nelson, Bellator and TNA.roynelsontobellatortna

I’m starting a rumor about Roy Nelson going to Bellator and TNA Wrestling. Yeah, it’s a completely fabricated rumor that I’m starting. But let’s think it through, Roy Nelson has 1 fight left, plus he refused to sign a contract extension. Why would he do that? Well, his buddy King Mo is there, fighting and wrestling.Then there is the fact that they are both managed by Mike Kogan, who has more of his guys in Bellator than anywhere else, plus Roy has said in the past he wants to be a professional wrestler.

Bellator is building it’s HW division, adding Cheick Kongo, and Rampage (he’s gonna forget about all that weight cutting/training nonsense and fight at HW) plus a few more Russian HW’s and whoever Wolfslair has in HW. That’s a good start and a good way to legitimize your HW division in a hurry. Roy could get a title shot very quickly there, something he feels he will never get in the UFC. Throw in the story angles TNA could build with 3 MMA fighters in their ranks, I would bet that a big payday awaits Roy over in Viacom land.

Right now it’s my rumor, one I’m just putting out with absolutely no info or knowledge behind it,I made this sh1t up. If it happens, remember I said it first.