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I initially though ProElite was making the right moves, put a few ‘names’ on the card, while focusing on building new talent. New MMA stars if you will. Brilliant idea, in theory. Yet, this upcoming card is full of  ‘names’ and I use that term loosely for some of these fighters. I understand the reasoning behind stacking a card with ‘names’ even when they are cast off’s from other major promotions. It sells tickets, in the short run. It doesn’t bring back fans again and again, nor does it bring in new fans. The reason is, the fights generally aren’t the highest caliber. Most of these ‘names’ are where they are for reasons. For very few, is it a good reason.

ProElite was talking about building up young fighters, slowly. Doing a HW tournament without ‘names’, not instituting Championship Belts for sometime. All good in theory. Yet, we have this monstrosity of a card. Yes, I said Monstrosity (see Below). As an avid MMA fan, I will watch pretty much anything MMA related, anything. It’s a sad thing to admit. What I won’t do is, watch anything and be fulfilled, or happy. I’m like a heroin junkie, I get  a fix, then I’m depressed for letting myself get high again. That’s how I will feel about 30 seconds after this card ends, like a junkie. Is that how ProElite want’s it fans to feel? I think not.

  • Heavyweight bout: United States Tim Sylvia vs. Brazil Pedro Rizzo
  • Heavyweight bout: Belarus Andrei Arlovski vs. United States Travis Fulton

What is a new promotion (I know they aren’t exactly new) to do? The answer is simple, comb the world for high level talent that’s off the radar. It’s easier than you think, not to mention there are some amazingly talented and charismatic fighters just waiting for a shot at the bigger leagues. MFC found some, Bellator found some, Dream and Sengoku found several as did OneFC. Hell even The M-1 Global Organization found some, and we all know how they work. If The M-1 Global Organization can con bring in charismatic fighters, Pro Elite certainly can.


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