Interview Bellator fighter Lew Polley Pt 1

Lew Polley is a polarizing figure in the MMA landscape. Not because he’s really polarizing, but because the only real exposure the MMA world has had to him was his stint on TUF as a coach for Junior dos Santos. For those not in the know, Reality TV is heavily edited to create drama and showcase traits the producers feel are best for the show. What you see isn’t remotely close to the truth most times.

For Lew, perception has it’s opportunity to change, he’s debuting on Bellator 77 this afternoon and promisies to deliver a great fight plus he’s gunning for the vacant spot in the HW tournament. See what Lew has to say below.

Watch the prelims and main card here BELLATOR 77 LIVE STREAM.

Rumble young man Rumble