Interview: Turi Altavilla from U of MMA pt 2

Turi Altavilla Interview Part 2

Have you been to a U of MMA show? Do you live in California? Then why the hell haven’t you? Future MMA stars are on display each and every event. That’s on the real. I’ve been to a few events and I’m looking forward to the next one at Club Nokia. Turi Altavilla is probably a name you aren’t familiar with, but should be. Turi is the owner of U of MMA, and an MMA industry legend. Remember Pride USA Daiz vs. Gomi? Yup, Turi had a hand in that, remember all the drama FEG had, Turi was working there right in the middle of the fiasco, name an MMA figure…Turi knows them. Ask a question about the history of Pride, Turi was there. Don’t believe me, then watch our interview with the one and only Turi Atavilla, it’s pretty darn interesting if you ask me.


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