Is Ortiz vs. Machida II next?

It seems it might just be, with very few options left for Machida, that is if he wants to stay ‘active’. Tito’s destruction (by way of submission) of the UFC’s plans to have a Bader/Machida bout has left him with no top-tier talent, no one to move him closer to title contention. Unless he waits, waits, and waits some more. I saw it mentioned somewhere (Sorry, can’t remember which site, and I’m usually good at this stuff) Machida’s best bet is to stay ‘Fight Ready’ in the event someone can’t make their scheduled bout. In the event Machida steps into one of the higher profile matches already booked, his title aspirations could be answered. On the other hand, if everyone stays healthy (that’s a big ‘IF’) the most likely candidate, despite Machida’s initial statements to the contrary, and most financially rewarding would be Tito Ortiz. It makes sense for the UFC, Bader was supposed to crush Tito into retirement, then face Machida. We all saw how that played out (I myself wathed it 25 x’s in a row, thank you DVR). If Machida was next in line for Bader, then why not Tito next in line for Machida? He beat Tito once (in what I felt was a boring, safety first Machida performance), not his most dominating performance, certainly not in Tito’s mind.

Let’s face it, Tito Ortiz is a great pre fight marketer, he builds hype, something Machida is lousy at. Think I’m wrong, google Machida, how many results come up concerning his Urine Drinking regimen? See my point now, for all of his skills, in the good ol’ US of A, he’s well know for his dietary regimen, when he should be known for his fighting style. Yes, it’s an exaggeration, my point remains. Google Tito Ortiz, see. For all of his faults (the list could be long) Tito has always been a draw, he has always been able to garner interest in his bouts, regardless of the opponent or the politics behind a bout. A rematch with Machida is an easy sell for Tito. Time will tell.

****UPDATE***** As I’m sitting here writing this article, News of Phil Davis’s injury was just announced. Rashad is now without and opponent for his upcoming bout. This may be the injury Machida needed to avoid Ortiz, or Ortiz may get a different rematch. Sources say the UFC will announce the injury and replacement if there is one later this evening. Check back for updates.


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Anthony Dominguez
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