It’s tough being good

Eddie Alvarez is too good for his own good. He’s so good, Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebeney has no idea what to do with him. DO you put him through the tournament again? Probably not, do you keep setting up ‘super fights’? If you can find enough quality opponents, I don’t think you can do that for more than a few fights. DO you rematch him with Michael Chandler and break all of the rules Bellator has put in place regarding tournaments? Seriously, what do you do?

In a few months Eddie will be out of contract with Bellator, and the UFC will be waiting.

Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney told MMAWeekly:

“We’re talking to him. We’ll see what happens,We may cut a deal with Ed. We may not cut a deal with Ed. We’ve got about another five months left on our current relationship with Ed and another fight, so we may do another fight with Ed. Eddie’s been awesome with Bellator. I honored my promise to him and I got him the Aoki fight that I had been promising him for about three years. He performed like a superstar in that fight.”

He performed like more than a superstar. He destroyed Aoki, his corner of Champions (Aoki trains at Evolve MMA in Thailand, the coaches are each Champions in their respective art) threw in the towel. It was the 2nd time I’ve seen a corner throw in the towel, the first was a Pride event, that should tell you how long ago that was.

Eddie Alvarez has been with Bellator since 2009, he’s one of their biggest stars and he costs a lot of money to keep under contract, it makes sense in their business model to pay him what he’s worth as the Champion, but as a former Champion, I’m not so sure their business model supports that cost.

What do you do when you are that good?

That’s it!
Anthony Dominguez
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