It’s Whatever-Nick Diaz quotes from Conference Call

Nick Diaz is fun, he’s exciting, he’s unpredictable …in and out of the cage. Today he showed a little of what makes him so mesmerizing. Diaz showed up 40 plus minutes late to the conference call for UFC 137, then he proceeded to turn a normal, by the numbers event into something quite special. Every answer provoked more questions, most unasked and unanswered. He was both candid and defensive in equal measure. Quite a feat.

If you had the privilege of listening live, it was engrossing. The 18 or so minutes Diaz spent at the end of the call were by far the most entertaining and compelling of the entire hour. Love him or hate him, Nick Diaz creates interest, be it unintentional, interest is created.

I felt the need to publish some of the quotes from the call, without the accompanying questions. Why? Because I think the best way to understand Nick Diaz is without context. Or rather, without minute details. I defy you to read the quotes and not leave with a better understanding of just who is going to step in the cage against BJ Penn, and hopefully, after a win, against GSP.

Let me sum Nick Diaz up for you. He’s A fighter, pure and simple. A fighter with a singular focus. Forget all of the ‘social anxiety’ nonsense, the perceived social, mental and emotional issues, the only thing need interest you is what Nick Diaz makes abundantly clear every time he speaks.

To paraphrase:

I train, make weight, and show up to fight, you know, cause I’m the best in the world. 

That, my friends is Nick Diaz. Viva el 209!

What? I didn’t even what, I didn’t even know about a call. What happened?

I’ve just done my best to try not to focus on what’s going on, you know, and just try to live every day like it’s not a big deal. I don’t know what’s going to happen with me, but it’s not going to make a difference whether or not I whine or cry about it, or panic to get things done. I’m just going to do what I always do — train, and you know, when it’s time to fight, I go fight.

I’d really like to plead the fifth on that.

No I’m not happy, I’m not happy about it at all. I’m fighting a guy that’s my friend, or you know was my friend and now I’m fighting this guy. I was set to fight — I was signed to fight a certain guy, I thought we had a deal,you know that that’s kind of where I’m at on that, that’s how it set off. And then ahh. No I’m not. Of course I’m going to deal… these are hard times, just like they’ve always been, and I didn’t expect them to get any easier.

This definitely doesn’t make anything easier. I don’t like fighting people I already know, or I’ve already met or I’ve trained with, or have video on me, you know, because we spent a lot of time training together you know. It’s kind of a shady feeling going into a fight like that. I’m just doing what my manager says you know. They work it out in the gym training, and then they decide to tell me, “Do this or that.” I’m just doing what I’m told.

I would have preferred to fight GSP, of course, you know because it’s not like I’m fighting someone I already know. I’m fighting for the title. That’s why I started this; that’s why I came to the UFC — to fight for the title. I came to fight for the money, I came to fight for the title, and that was the GSP fight, so now I’m not getting that fight.

Well yeah, of course I have regret. I regret you know like there was, I have regret I have people who are supposed to take care of stuff. Like I got like a lawyer something right supposed to get paid something like 100 grand — I don’t know — a ridiculous amount of money.

I’ve been doing the same, living the same since I was 17. I live down the street from my parents who I used to live in the same house with; now I live with my brother. And um, I’ve got all these business people and big money people around me trying to make deals, and I don’t know anything about that. All I know is that somebody is getting paid likeover 100 grand just to tell me what I’m supposed to do and not supposed to do, and I’m like for that much money, I could have had somebody standing around telling me, “Hey, you can’t miss this press conference. That kinda, That voids the whole contract, and then you’re out. You ain’t gettin’ sh!t. You ain’t fighting’ sh!t. You ain’t makin’ no money, so you have to be at this thing. It’s simple.

If I had read that sh!t over myself, I’d have been a little more cautious, and not been like, “Oh, I’ve got people getting paid to tell me you need to be here or there.” If I didn’t feel like I had that, I’d have probably read that sh!t myself, and dealt with things myself, and been a little more cautious, and I probably would have showed up at that press conference, you know but that’s not the case.

I’m in the gym training hard; I think that’s what’s important. I think we made a deal, and I think a deals a deal, you know what I mean? I don’t know anything about going back on that. That doesn’t even, that never came to mind. As far as I’m concerned, the people working for me that should have been there to tell me what’s what, and I didn’t have that like everybody else does.

When should I have known about this press conference?

Well someone could have gave me a call, you know? I don’t know who’s talking to who about a press conference call. I din’t hear about it.  It was just like anything — I never heard about this sh!t until way late.

But you’ve gotta know I’m not sitting here with my phone waiting for a call; I’m waiting for some training. I’m training to get some relax time before I have to go back for another four hours of training. I’m training hard. I train harder than these guys man. I fight harder than these guys, I look better than these guys, I do better than these guys, and that’s why — because I’ve been, you know, and I don’t get no help and I don’t worry about no help. That’s what takes up all my time — training, and trying to become the best in the world here. And that’s the best in the world, alright? That’s what you’re dealing with here. This is a whole world out there; ain’t nobody can beat me. It’s pretty bad.

You know what? I don’t know anything…I haven’t really thought about anything. I’m fighting to fight. I’m not trying to get all crazy. I need to get paid, so I’m going to show up, make weight alright, and then I’m going to fight.

I could give a sh!t. I don’t care. I never put that belt on anyways; he can have that belt, it’s not important.

It’s a fight man, you know what I mean?

It’s Whatever you know.


That’s it!
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