Jamie Varner Returns! XFC 14 on HD-Net

When many in the MMA community heard that Jamie Varner would be headlining two events within the span of a month, we were surprised. Mostly, that the second event would feel so confident booking Varner as their Main Event. What would happen if he lost the first one? Or got injured? Needless to say, there were more than a few bulletin-board posts ridiculing this decision.

Well, he did lose. And immediately retired, via Twitter. And while some Twitter posts carry more weight than others, these proved to be the result of an initial emotional outburst and were soon deleted. Varner would fight again, and he would fight in less than a month, at XFC 14/Resurrection on October 21.

As fight day nears, you have to wonder what kind of shape Varner is in, mentally moreso than physically. Having just fought, his body’s in good shape, and the former WEC champion has never been one to let himself go…

One one hand, his recent loss in Titan Fighting Championships 20 to Dakota Cochrane could be written off as his having trained for Alonzo Martinez but having to face Cochrane, a last minute replacement. On the other hand, Varner was clearly mentally as well as physically beaten, losing via unanimous decision.

Which is when those Tweets happened…

HD-Net broadcasts XFC 14 this Friday. I’m hoping for a rejuvenated Varner with a chip on his shoulder to come out and show the world he still has fight left in him. The title of this event is “Resurrection”… it may prove to be more fitting for Varner than when it was booked.

Here’s the line-up:

Nate Jolly vs. Jamie Varner
Scott Barrett vs. Carmelo Marrero
Marianna Kheyfets vs. Molly Helsel
Josh Clark vs. Reggie Pena
Nicolae Cury vs. Elijah Harshbargar
Mike Bernhard vs. Mikey Gomez
Bruce Connors vs. John Mahlow