Jimmy’s Last Minute Quick Pics: UFC 152

The previous UFC event was canceled. So this event should be UFC 151, because, as a society, we all agree that numbers mean things. But this is the fight game, and the UFC, so 151 was canceled and now we have the terribly named UFC 152. Why is no one talking about this?!?

Anyway, I wouldn’t advise using my picks to wager, in spite of my own actions, but needless to say, I hope I’m right, because, more than anything, this is what I think we’ll see:

Main Card—PPV
Jon Jones vs. Vitor Belfort, Light Heavyweight Title Bout
Full disclosure: I have money on Belfort. I want him to win. However, that was not my first impression. When this fight was announced, I’ll admit I was surprised. A little shocked, to be honest. My first impression was “there’s no way Belfort can win.” And there’s a part of me that still believes that. Then, two things happened: I did a little more reflection on Belfort and they booked Silva-Bonner, which totally tops Jones-Belfort on the WTF scale, and, by comparison, makes Belfort look a lot more credible. Plus, I’m a big fan of the term “bro” which Belfort uses like it’s 1999 and he’s at a Limp Bizkit show with his hat on backwards. You know what else was pretty celebrated in 1999? Vitor Belfort’s MMA career.

Did you catch the weigh-ins? Belfort looked good. Confident, humble, ready. Jones looked like a dick. Look for Jones to clown a bit in The Octagon™ but he’s never faced anyone with handspeed like Belfort’s, and he’ll get caught.
Vitor Belfort by KO/TKO

Joseph Benavidez vs. Demetrius Johnson, Inaugural  Flyweight Title Bout
I think there’s no question that Joe B has a power advantage over Mighty Mouse, but look for Johnson’s quickness to keep him out of trouble and allow him to land strikes at will. Joe B has lost twice to Dominick Cruz and Johnson might be a touch faster than Cruz.

Benavidez has that Team Alpha Male confidence and strong wrestling but relying on that might be his downfall. If he doesn’t catch Johnson with a bomb, he will lose.
Demetrius Johnson by Decision

Michael Bisping vs. Brian Stann, #1 Contender Bout?
Bisping has skills. Not necessarily wrestling skills, but his stand-up is strong. I know a lot of fans don’t like Bisping, but I do. He’s one of the fighters I always look forward to seeing fight. Stann can be relentless and has knock-out power. Can Bisping keep him at a safe distance while moving in to strike without getting caught? Normally, I wouldn’t pick against him, but in his fight back on a rehabbed knee? No. I just think Stann is too tough of a first opponent back.
Brian Stann by KO/TKO

Matt Hammil vs. Roger Hollett, Light Heavyweight
Matt “The Hammer” Hamimil saw his own movie, got re-inspired andis back fighting in the UFC.  Or something like that. Look, I don’t know the inside story here, but I don’t think it’ll matter. Just like his hair, Hammil will end up lying on the floor, helpless.
Roger Hollett by KO/TKO

Cub Swanson vs. Charles Oliveira, Catchweight
I’m a big Cub Swanson fan, and am loving his resurgence in the UFC. He better not get too cocky though around Oliveira, who’s got knockout victories but has really strong submissions. Cub is balanced, “fight smart” and good enough to pick his shots and pounce.
Cub Swanson by KO/TKO

Prelimary Card—FX
Vinny Magalhaes vs. Igor Pokrajac, Light Heavyweight
Look for Magalhaes to take it to Pokrajac in Vinny’s return to The Octagon™
Vinny Magalhaes by KO/TKO

Evan Dunham vs. T.J. Grant, Lightweight
Evan Dunham is a dangerous fighter but TJ Grant’s an experienced submission fighter. I can’t see Dunham losing this one.
Evan Dunham by decision

Lance Benoist vs. Sean Pierson, Welterweight
I have no doubt that Pierson takes this one. Lock of the night.
Sean Pierson by TKO

Marcus Brimage vs. Jim Hettes, Featherweight
I like Brimage. I like Hettes more. Look for Jim Hettes to put in another impressive performance. Prepare to be surprised at how good Hettes looks.
Jim Hettes by Submission

The facebook card is over. In my opinion, Brenneman’s fight was stopped too quickly.


Enjoy the fights!