joeriggsThis is pretty graphic, but I know some of you sick bastards like this kinda stuff! For those that don’t know Joe Riggs accidentally shot himself while cleaning his gun.

Now isn’t the time for a safety lesson…Still, if you are gonna handle a weapon, check he clip, twice, clear the chamber twice, then do it all again. Got it. Check, double check, triple check, quadruple check and repeat.

Now that the gun safety lesson is over, in the video Joe Riggs talks about what the 45 caliber hollow point did to his hand and shows off the gruesome hole in his leg. He says he’s gonna be able to fight again, even though most of his hand was destroyed. I’m not so sure that he’s gonna be back, but he sounds sure and is looking at a December date.

Enjoy kiddies.

Rumble young man Rumble