Jon Jones’ Dick Move

OK, this has been bothering me for awhile now.

Add me to the list of Jones haters. He had me, then he lost me, then he lost just about any chance of getting me back…

Look, Jones is a skilled fighter. He’s fun to watch in The Octagon™ with his spinning fist and elbows, his weird angles, his unconventional ground game… but he always ends the round or the fight with a dick move: look at the way he climbs off of someone at the end of the round, or gives a little extra shove or just look at the way he dropped an unconscious Machida after choking him out.

It’s that kind of stuff that shows Jon Jones is petty. He always has to end with a dick move.

So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that his most recent fight, the one he’s having with everyone because of his refusal to take on Chael Sonnen on short notice after Dan Henderson got injured, ends with a dick move on Jones’ part.

After fielding all the complaints, including ones from the fighters on the undercard who put their money into training in anticipation of a pay day (and rightly so, because without Jones, the card was doomed), Jones put out the word that he was thinking about covering the other fighters’ lost revenue, but since they were attacking him, he was taking his checkbook and going home. Dick move.

Jones is saying, I got the money to cover every other fighter on the card, no problem, but since you all had to go and voice your disappointment, you get nothing. Dick move.

Many of those fighters have families and were counting on that income. Let’s face it, with the costs involved in training for a UFC fight, the effort to get sponsors, do press/promote… time away from any other job the fighters on the undercard may have (and don’t fool yourself into thinking undercard fighters make enough to make ends meet without some other source of income, even at the UFC level), those other guys got screwed. Some of them are being placed on other cards, which will only serve to strengthen those events, but some will find it hard to make their bills while they wait for their fight to come up. Again.

Looks like Jones’ transition to the dark side is complete. I hope Vitor Belfort knocks his ass out.