Jon Jones’ One Forgotten Concern and My Prediction

Look: Both Rampage Jackson and Jon Jones are dangerous men. Both bring a variety of skills to the table, to attack and defend. Both put themselves through grueling training camps preparing for a fight. So please don’t get me wrong: both men have plenty to worry about when they meet in the Octagon™.

But Jones has one more thing to worry about when he fights Rampage that Rampage doesn’t have to worry about with Jones: calcification.

Do you remember that show Human Wrecking Balls on G4 (a network the UFC was rumored to be interested in purchasing a little while ago, but the Fox deal has pretty much kiboshed that) that featured two brothers who demolished homes with their bare hands. And forearms. And legs. Remember that show? They could do that because they had been hitting things with their forearms, legs, fists and, one assumes, head for so long that their bones had so much calcification on them that they were strong enough to blast through walls.

Now think about all the things Rampage has hit during his lifetime. Hit with fists, forearms, elbows and legs. How calcified must his bones be? I bet he could destroy some drywall. The man’s practically got an exo-skeleton!

Ironically, “Bones” Jones may run into a bone so strong that it breaks his when he strikes it. It wouldn’t surprise me at all.
In fact, I’m calling it: Jonny “Bones” Jones breaks a bone on Rampage. Put it on the board!


*NOTE: Reality is overrated. This is much more fun. You just read WHAT?!
That’s right: THIS IS SATIRE. RELAX. Your world can go back to normal now…