Jones Can’t “Out Teixiera” Teixiera

Jon_Jones_hu_insertUFC Light Heavyweight Champ Jon Jones has a huge task ahead of him: Glover Teixiera.

In his past few fights, he’s used a tactic familiar to any New England Patriots fan: Take on the strength of his opponent directly. Beating him at his own game.

He out hyped Rashad Evans, Out-wrestled Chael Sonnen, out-dynamic-struck Alexander Gustafsson. (OK, I know that’s not a real term…)

But he isn’t going to be able to “out Teixiera” Glover Teixiera.

How is he going to overcome the skill set of Teixiera? It’s a challenge.

In my opinion, the bout will turn on how successful Jones can be with his wrestling. Jones can also use his length to his advantage, using range to try to keep Teixiera at bay. But eventually, Teixiera will get inside, and then Jones will be in more trouble than he’s been in over the course of his entire career.

Glover has the ability to hurt Jones more than anyone he’s fought, and, yes, I’m including Machida, Rua and Gustafsson. And you’d better believe Teixiera’s been working on his defensive wrestling this camp.

It’s a puzzle for Jones: for once, he’s not the only one going into a fight with a ‘mystique’ to figure out. And I don’t believe for a minute that Glover Teixiera is paying any attention at all to Jones’ mystique.

This may well be the biggest challenge Jones has faced in his MMA career. Can he overcome the task ahead?