Jones Stopped Having Fun

One last bit on UFC 152’s main event, Jon Jones vs. Vitor Belfort: Did you notice how Jones dropped his usual dick moves after that arm bar by Belfort almost submitted him?

Jones is an extremely gifted athlete. Even against top level competition, he usually makes it look easy, and once he gets loose, you really get the sense that he is operating on a higher level than his opponents and while he knows he’s in a fight, you can tell he’s playing, having fun.

I think that arm bar scared Jones. He began the bout cocky and crawling, but that was his last dick move of the fight. He had mount of Belfort at the end of a round… ended every round in a good position for a hip thrust, or push down, or something as he got up, but didn’t. I think that arm bar got into Jones’ head.

Look at Jones from the weigh-ins. Cocky, pretending to have fun… that’s the guy who entered The Octagon™ but not the guy who left it.

Lyoto Machida landed strikes on Jones, Rashad Evans landed a head kick and some strikes, Vitor Belfort had the arm bar… each of these guys had Jones in a bad position… briefly. Someone’s going to be able to put it together and stop him. That possibility seems to be getting closer with each fight…