Jones: The Champ is Here

The UFC is really taking this Jon Jones/Ali thing to new heights. I’m not so sure I’m comfortable with it. Ali was a polarizing intelligent charismatic figure who used word play and theatrics on top his amazing abilities in the ring. Jon Jones is an intelligent, amazing athlete the fans love and hate. Where are the similarities? Ali was political, socialy aware and constantly vying for the attention of the general public, he fought against injustice against the oppressed in America and the world, he was an ambassador before he was officially appointed to such a position. Jones is far from political, socially aware in as far as the charities the UFC sends him to participate in and does media based upon his management and the UFC.

The photo shoots mimicking or paying homage, depending on how you view them, are one thing. Casting Jones as an Ali esque figure is downright laughable. At least they aren’t trying to cast Rashad as Ali’s Joe Frazier, even today Ali acknowledges he was wrong in his approach all those years back.

Jon Jones is amazing in the Octagon™, that is undeniable. He may well go on to be the greatest LHW Champ and then HW Champ in UFC history. Time will tell…right now, he is nowhere in the realm of one Muhammed Ali, The Greatest.


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Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief

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