July 7th Can’t Come Soon Enough!

I am looking forward to Sonnen-Silva on July 7th so much, I can hardly stand it! After what happened the first time these two met, how could I not? Chael Sonnen gave Anderson Silva the toughest fight of his career, at least in the UFC that I’ve seen. And the way it ended… wow! It truly proves that anything can happen at any time in The Octagon™.

In 2010, Dutch researchers published a study showing that people that were going on a vacation were happier in anticipation of the vacation than they were actually on the vacation. And much more than they were after the vacation. This seems right to me, about most things.

I don’t think these rules apply to Sonnen-Silva. I can’t imagine being any less happy seeing it go down than I am right now. After the fight, we’ll see. I could see there being a let-down. But until then, I’m a happy guy, because July 7th is coming…



By the way, Zuffa is counting on the fans looking forward to July 7th, too. Dana White predicted that this will be as big as UFC 100, which was a huge PPV for the organization. I agree. It is not to be missed!