K-1 Open Tryout Photos

The K-1 open tryouts where held in Venice Beach, Ca July 14th for all to see. It was an interesting event, we didn’t know what to expect from K-1.

Our first question was what they were gonna do, spar? Fight? What? It was answered pretty quickly, they were being evaluated through open workouts, followed by shadow boxing on stage then pad work. The judges where looking for technique, style, stage presence, athleticism and several other traits qualified K-1 veterans/judges/fighters could pick out that the general public wouldn’t see. There were fighters of all calibur, from all over the world, from MMA, Muay Thai and K-1 Veterans all vying for a spot in the new K-1.

We enjoyed ourselves, enjoyed the sun, the girls and saw some real standouts with lots of potential. It was a great move for K-1, a way to breath new life and grow the North American audience. We wish them good luck and can’t wait for the first event.

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Rumble young man Rumble