Kennedy wants Machida. Mistake. 

MMA: UFC 178-Romero vs KennedyTim Kennedy is upset. He feels his last fight, a TKO loss to Yoel Romero, has tarnished his career and can’t stand that being his last appearance in The Octagon™.

Not because he grabbed Romero’s glove, using it to get a major advantage and almost finish Romero with strikes…

Nope. He’s upset that Romero sat on his stool between rounds a little long, using it to recover before starting the next round.

I’ll admit, Romero pissed me off too by doing that. I thought Kennedy should’ve been penalized a point for grabbing the glove so blatantly, but I also thought they should’ve stopped the fight because Romero was refusing to come out. Or at least penalized him a point. Not that that lost point would’ve mattered…

So now Tim Kennedy wants to fight Lyoto Machida in a ‘loser leaves the UFC’ match.

Bad idea.

Look, I know it has to get under Kennedy’s skin that Chris Weidman’s the champ and Kennedy knows he could beat him. (I think Kennedy would have a pretty good shot at beating Weidman) and Weidman was able to beat Machida.

Then to see ‘The Dragon’ get destroyed by Luke Rockhold like that has to give Kennedy hope. After all, Kennedy can be aggressive in the cage, can cut guys off and can definitely choke out a guy… Especially one whose will has been broken…

Which is Kennedy’s only hope, really: that Machida stays broken. Because an angry, looking-for-redemption Machida would run through Kennedy. Just ask Rashad Evans.

The psychology of fighters is a never ending, dense forest. Sometimes it’s easy to guess their motivations. Most of the time, there’s a lot going on in a fighter’s head, if you look a little deeper. Like anyone, they may not even be consciously aware of what motivates them.

I’d like to suggest that Kennedy, who has threatened retirement a few times, now, is looking for a way out. There’s no shame in losing to an established top-tier fighter like Machida. Just ask Rashad Evans.

Kennedy’s at the end of his career anyway, so it’s not like he’s putting much on the line.
The only other reason to suggest a ‘loser leaves’ ploy is to crank up the motivation. But if you need gimmicks to push you to train, you’re already in trouble.

If this fight happens, Machida wins. Not only that, but there’s a good chance he breaks Kennedy on the way to victory, if the fight lasts that long.