Keyboard warriors push female fighter into time out

Keyboard warriors suck. It’s that simple, they suck and there is no argument that will change my mind. Our site may be about ‘Rants’, yet we have a strict ‘no fighter bashing’ rule around here. A passionate opinion is fine, talking sh!t for the sake of sh!t talking is not allowed. THIS is a perfect example of why keyboard warriors and trolls should be wiped from the face of the internet world.

Rin Nakai is a Japanese MMA fighter with a solid record, an incredible body and very public life. Due to those 3 things, she has endured internet harassment to a degree few of us could comprehend. Today on her blog ( *needs english translation) Rin announced her      departure from the public eye and consequently, MMA competition. If I translated correctly, she plans on continuing her training to a degree, with a hope of returning when the constant internet attacks die down. She also states that unless she finds new/more sponsors or donations, she will be unable to    continue training and fighting full time as a career. Not one part of this entire paragraph has been filled with happy news. Not one part.

Rin Nakai is being forced from something she loves because of the hate people spew forth. Sure an argument could be made for her to ‘man up’ and ‘deal with it’ since it’s a part of ‘being a celebrity’. That argument only holds water when the hate is of a garden variety, not the level she is experiencing on a daily basis. Furthermore, no one should be subject to any of the hate the internet allows at any level. For a fighter, the mental/emotional side of fighting is the most important, if you are distracted for a split second, the fight is lost, most times, devastatingly. Rin has realized this, she is mentally/emotionally compromised. She is educated enough in the fight game to realize this is dangerous to her fighting career.

When I started Stand up Comedy, I endured tons and tons of hecklers, it was miserable, frustrating and soul stealing. If I didn’t have a strong ego, a solid support group of family and friends and a true belief in my own talent, I would have put the Mic down and never picked it up again. Luckily, I have a high tolerance for pain, little care of the opinions others may have about me, my decisions or my act. It’s a little different for me, I’ve chosen a profession where everyone feels the need to be involved, hence hecklers. Fighting is not an occupation that prepares one for the onslaught of hate the internet brings on an hourly, minute by minute, second by second basis. The act of subjecting your body to the rigors of training, then pitting that body and those skills against another human being is mind bogglingly difficult. Very few of us have what it takes to even attempt it, let alone prosper at it. Rin Nakai is one of the few who excels, we should respect that in itself.



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Anthony Dominguez
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