Kimbo Slice is Back! Kinda…

When the UFC made its deal with Fox, it still had an active contract with Spike TV. Now that all of the live/new UFC programming is airing on Fox affiliates (Fox, FX, Fuel) and streaming online, Spike has been counter-programming events with footage of the featured fighters from its library.

As an MMA fan, this is great because you can DVR the previous bouts while watching the live events. More MMA is a wonderful thing.

To run counter to the new season of The Ultimate Fighter on Fridays, Spike will be airing episodes from previous seasons, to be hosted by none other than Kimbo Slice, starting Friday, March 9th.

When Kimbo was rising to prominence on YouTube fighting backyard fights in Florida, I worked for a company that had just informed my office that it was outsourcing our function and would be laying all of us off. As you can imagine, our production fell off a cliff, as we turned to the Internet for entertainment to pass the time. Many work hours were spent watching fight replays, including a nice run of Kimbo fights!

Looking back on it, my desk job became a dream job: being paid to watch fights! Unfortunately, it was short-lived…

In the few talk show appearances he’s made, as well as his time in the UFC on TUF, Kimbo has shown some personality. Certainly, enough to host on Spike. He’s an entertaining guy. The shows should be good.

I’d much rather watch him fight, because I love a good knock-out, but I think this is a good move for him.

Here’s some of his legendary backyard brawls for you to enjoy: