Oh ya, and he’s Superior Cage Combat’s FIRST EVER LW champion…John Gunderson just happens to also be the toughest Mutha-F’n lightweight there is.  Gunderson knocked me off my “interview game” when he said that, because all I could think of was “Damn that’s GANGSTA AS HELL”.  Why did I think that while I was supposed remain professional and interview him?   Because the man is standing there with 10 pounds of gold around his waist that affirms his claim as one of the toughest Mutha-F’n  LW’s there is, he just had the stones to say it.  If that’s not BADASS, I don’t know what is.  Guns wrenched a Kimura at 2:34 of round 3 for the win and the hardware.

This was a tough fight for me, I have run into both John Gunderson and Justin Buchholz at…I think all the SCC’s and even around Vegas in Buchholz’s case at the last TUF Finale. Both guys are great, and both guys are tough.  The ideal situation for me would have been a draw, but if someone had to be crowned a champ on February 16th, I’m glad it was between those two guys.  Congratulations to John Gunderson, and I KNOW his long time coach and friend Shawn Tompkins is proud.  Much respect to Justin Buchholz for being a warrior and ALWAYS putting on exciting fights.  I’ll put both of these guys in ” the most genuine dudes I’ve met in MMA” category, and I hope to work with both of them again in the future.

Video shot and edited by 10Slim Productions…thanks!