LeBron James vs. Chael Sonnen bout? Maybe. Someday.

LeBron_insertI’ll admit, I allowed a little light in when I heard LeBron James was nullifying his contract with the Miami Heat, that he and Chael Sonnen, who’s taken to trashing LeBron, could actually settle their differences inside the cage.

Not The Octagon™ mind you—for Sonnen that ship has sailed. And, let’s face it, allowing James Toney in was a mistake that hopefully has made the Zuffa folks shy away from any further specialty bouts damaging their precious UFC.

Although they certainly didn’t shy away from taking that Rise of the Planet of the Apes money. I’m just sayin’ that if you are trying to get away from the image that your sport is full of brutes and thugs, maybe you don’t want to prominently display the words “Planet of the Apes” all over your biggest show of the year!

It kinda undermined the sophisticated nature of “International Fight Week” didn’t it?

But I digress.

Can Sonnen-James ever really happen?
I think that’s a solid “Hell yes.” It is totally ridiculous but you know there’s money to be made in a Main Event featuring two of the most controversial sports personalities that ever existed. They wouldn’t have trouble finding a promotion to sponsor that PPV.

Would the guys actually do it? I think there’s a good change that’s a yes, too. Look, we’re not dealing with the average dude, who gets rich, counts his blessings and retires. Who am I kidding? Lotto history is littered with
“average dudes” who got rich and blew it all in the first year. That’s probably why they are pushing scratchers that pay out over 20 years—too much bad press.

My point is that both Chael Sonnen and LeBron James have massive egos. Chael is currently serving out an MMA exile and will eventually decide that running a pizza place in West Linn, Oregon just isn’t giving him the media profile to which he has become accustomed.

The real question is LeBron. I think we’ve got enough examples of his ego to put him in Kanye West territory. Well, OK, no one is in Kanye West territory. Not even a Kardashian. But he is known as “King James” and I think once his NBA days are over, will be more than happy to bring his talents to a cage surrounded by cameras to face Sonnen.

Who will win?
Seriously? James is crazy-athletic and motivated, while you can’t rule Sonnen’s wrestling out…
Ah, what am I saying? The fans will win. We will be entertained, dammit!

Hey, maybe Ronda Rousey vs Misha Tate 17 could be the co-main event…?

Maybe Rin Nakai could be on that card…?