Lee Murray bank heist Documentary

Remember Lee Murray? You dont? He’s the guy who ‘allegedly’ KO’d Tito Ortiz outside a bar in the UK, he ‘almost’ won against Anderson Silva in Cage Rage, oh, and he helped orchestrate the largest cash robbery in UK history, netting over £53,000.000 ($84,000,000)  from Securitas’s Kent, UK depot in February 2006.

Lee has always been a character, even before being sentenced to prison in Morocco. Lee was able to escape to Morocco but ultimately got caught up in drugs and arrested. He was lucky enough to fight extradition to the UK and should be out before he’s too old to enjoy the money, which still hasn’t all been accounted for.

Watch this documentary on the heist, it’s got damn interesting, then do a google search for Lee Murray and marvel at the man, the myth, the legend that is Lee Murray.

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