Lesnar, Overeem, Barnett rumors from The UG.

Rumors, rumors and more rumors. Open up any blog, website or twitter account and you will hear all kinds of crazy MMA rumors. We usually don’t give them the light of day on our site. Once ina  while some rumors pop up that parallel our current line of thinking. This just happens to be one of those cases. Below are several rumors posted by a user on The UG (an MMA forum, not for the faint of heart) with some forum credibility. This by no means indicates wether the rumors stated are true in any way shape or form.

The user published a handful of rumors, we are only gonna talk about a couple, click on the link for the full post. First up, I have a similiar theory regarding Overeem and Golden Glory. I’ve said a hundred times, Golden Glory made a business move, and Zuffa responded. Golden Glory, as evidenced by their recent press, understands business. Now they are making another calculated business move which has all of their fighters best interest in mind, namely making nice with Zuffa and getting Overeem some big HW fights in North America. The fans want Overeem, Dana white will do his best to make it happen.

The Machida vs. Davis rumor sounds solid, as I spoke to some fighters last week who mentioned this might be the case. I believe davis will be offered the fight, wether he takes it is a different story. Dan Henderson also sounds solid, as I believe they are trying to reach an agreement, and a Number 1 contender match is something I feel Hendo would accept in lieu of an immediate title shot.

Strikeforce becoming a feeder org is a good business move, which is why it has been a running theory at our offices since the sale was announced. Keeping it on Showtime and building talent is a wise move, also moving fighters to StrikeForce instead of cutting them is good business too, keeps them out of the competitions hands.

All in all, I think hammers hamil is onto something, to me, these rumors sound like sound theories which in my opinion will turn out to be fact.

From The UG.

UG members Hammers Hamil has a remarkable track record in accurate predictions. He is either luckier than Tiki, or does have inside knowledge of the inner workings of the major MMA organizations. The post below is entirely uncomfirmed, but interesting.

From: hammers hamil
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Its been awhile and im back… Allistar Overeem and Golden Glory management are back in zuffa’s good graces and have been negoiating in good faith and have come to a deal with ufc for allistar overeem im told this will be announced very shortly with the possibility of reem making his debut at ufc 140 and if not The January new years show…

With ufc 140 undercard completed there buying time to make a co main event and main event … Co main event will be lyoto machida vs Franlin or bader and possibly davis… Zuffa dont want too book the davis fight and build him slowly but im told its also on the table but doubtful… Dan Henderson name is another possibility as talks have been good between both sides and henderson would take co main with machida for number one contender … Dan has stated he wants time off but its a ploy for more bargining power… Co main and main event for ufc 140 will be announced within 2 weeks with tickets going on sale in 3 weeks as im told….

Meeting with showtime next week to discuss strikeforce extending there deal with sho sports…  Strikeforce for the time being will not be dying there are plans like ive stated before to turn it into a regional feeder show and slowly expand out of there strong markets.. Zuffa was highly dissapointed with the strikeforce ratings for fedor vs henderson card as they expected alot more viewers….

Ufc is looking to expand to sweden and japan for 2012 and Zuffa will be expanding there canadian market place by going to alberta in 2012 also…


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