Let’s Dig Into Bellator 47

This weekend is Bellator 47. If you aren’t watching Bellator, and you call yourself an MMA fan, shame on you, SHAME. Bellator brings the pain, I mean it. I have yet to be disapointed in a Bellator card. I’ve been watching since the beginning, ask me how many UFC or Strikeforce cards have let me down? Too many to list.  There’s something to be said for hungry fighters. I like the tournament format, you should too. Bellator’s stand out’s will be the next UFC stars, trust me on this. The UFC will be raping the 125lb division’s of promotions like Bellator and Tachi Palace Fights. Also a guarantee.

Bellator 47 features some great fights, Marlon Sandro is always exciting, Nazareno Malegarie is just as exciting, then one of my favorite 155 blers Chris Horodecki is facing Chris Saunders. I was saddened to see Horodecki released from the UFC after his loss to Cowboy Cerrone, yet I new it was coming. There was a blip a few months after stating he had been resigned, then he pops up in Bellator. My guess is he asked to be let out of contract to rack up some wins and make his way back as a contender. Just speculation on my part mind you, alcohol fueled speculation.  Let us not forget Pat Curran and Ronnie Mann, is there any possible way for this bout to be boring? I think not. On the main card alone I can see 3 finishes. Yup 3. 1 TKO/KO and 2 subs would be my alcohol fueled guess.

I have a few predictions, all alcohol fueled. I’ve found my predictions come best when I’ve had a few Sailor Jerry’s and Vanilla Coke. Or some straight up Jack Daniels. Today is no different. Let’s dig into Bellator 47, the Featherweight Semifinals.

Main Card (MTV2)

Featherweight Semifinal bout:  Pat Curran vs. Ronnie Mann
Ronnie Mann is coming off of a beautiful KO at Bellator 46. Beautiful. Pat Curran is also coming off a win at Bellator 46, by submission. Peruvian Necktie, PERUVIAN NECKTIE! Peruvian F23King Necktie! When the awards come out for most beautiful submission, Peruvian Necktie should be top 3. Remember, no matter the question ‘Rear Naked Choke’ is always the right answer. Remember that. You read it here first. Or second if you have twitter. Never the less, it’s true. Trust me on this one, I have extensive experience. With that in mind, this is a hard one to call. When Beast is used to describe a fighter on this card, it could refer to 1 of 3 fighters, Ronnie Mann is 1 of those fighters. Pat Curran is no slouch himself, well rounded, strong, etc. etc. I’m a fan of both fighters, so this prediction is difficult. I’m going with the 18-4 Pat Curran by submission.


Featherweight Semifinal bout:  Marlon Sandro vs. Nazareno Malegarie
This one should speak for itself, on that previous list of Beasts, Marlon Sandro and Nazareno Malegarie are numbers 1 and 3. Seriously, these guys are beasts. Sandro is an ex Sengoku Champ, losing said title to Hioki (a beast in his own right, I hope he comes in and destroys the UFC’s 145lb division). Nazareno boasts an impressive 20-1 record. With his first loss coming at Bellator 37, after 5 years and 19 wins. Those wins came in Brazil, don’t let the Internet’s keyboard warriors fool you. The promotions in Brazil are no joke. In Brazil  you either play football (soccer for you heathens) or you fight. That’s it, so those ‘little’ promotions have some of the hungriest fighters the planet can create. I’m a diehard Marlon Sandro fan, but I won’t be too disappointed to see Nazareno win this one. I’m gonna call Marlon Sandro by submission.

Heavyweight bout: Neil Grove vs. Zak Jensen
I’m not yet familiar with either of these tow fighters, so I will be paying close attention to their bout. I’m flipping a coin, well I’m using the coin flip app on my Android phone. And the winner is Neil Grove.


Lightweight bout: Chris Horodecki vs.  Chris Saunders
Here’s another prediction which won’t surprise anyone who has read the first two paragraphs. I’m calling Horodecki by KO/TKO. I do have to ad, Saunders is no pushover. He’s got 1 shot at staying with Bellator, beating Horodecki. I never like betting against a fighter with his back against he wall (see Tito Ortiz vs. Ryan Bader for a prime example of this). It is entirely possible he KO’s Horodecki, in which case I will be satisfied. If he decision’s Horodecki, I will be none to pleased. Once again, Horodecki by KO/TKO.


That’s it!
Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief.