Let’s dig into Bellator 50- Full fight card and Predictions

Bellator 50 is tomorrow, as is UFC’s Fight NIght card, it’s a good time to be an MMA fan, with all the coverage given to MMA it’s just spectacular. Tomorrow will be another day full of MMA, from the 2 broadcasts to the online prelims, it’s all an alcohol and MMA loving fan could ask for. I’m gonna be in heaven. heading over to Boogie Nights for Jacoozi, Sailor Jerry Rum, and MMA on the outdoor TV.

Bellator cards have always delivered for me, this on looks no different. Below are my predictions in green, above are my video predictions for those of you too lazy to keep reading. As always, enjoy. Also, leave us your predictions in the comments section, when we get enough comments we are gonna start running prediction contests with some cool give aways.

Main Card

Middleweight Quarterfinal bout: United States Jared Hess vs. United States Bryan Baker
Both of these fighters are victims of Alexander Shlemenko as is our favorite fighter on the card Brett Cooper. With that said, Jared Hess has only 2 losses, to top talent, the aforementioned and Hector Lombard, the king of Bellator’s Middleweight division. Bryan Baker has only 2 losses to top talent as well, his other loss is to the king of trash talk the one and only Chael Sonnen. Neither guy has a bad resume of losses, this is the 2nd most exciting fight on the card next to Brett Rogers bout.(Ed note- I really should be more sober to write these things). I gotta give the nod to Bryan Baker, he seems to have faced tougher talent in his recent fights, like Joe Riggs and Jeremy Horn. Based upon that I’m giving the W to Bryan Baker.   

Middleweight Quarterfinal bout: Croatia Zelg Galesic vs. Russia Alexander Shlemenko
Not much to say about this fight, Zelg Galesic dies not have nearly the experience Shlemenko has, nor the caliber of fights he’s been in. This makes it an easy pick, Shlemenko for the W.  

Middleweight Quarterfinal bout: United States Sam Alvey vs. Brazil Vitor Vianna
Sam Alvey has a win over Jason Guida and Vitor Vianna has a loss against Thiago Silva, what that means is absolutely nothing.  I’m guessing blind on this one, so eenie miney moe, Vitor o Alvey…I’m gonna go with Sam Alvey for the W. 

Middleweight Quarterfinal bout: United States Victor O’Donnell vs. United States Brian Rogers
I don’t know much about Victor O’Donnell other than he was on UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter. Brian Rogers has 6 straight KO’s on his fighter resume, not bad. I’m going with the guy who has 6 KO’s. Brian Rogers by T/KO. 

Local Feature Fights

  • Lightweight bout: United States Radley Martinez vs. United States Brian van Hoven
    Radley Martinez
  • Welterweight bout: United States Ailton Barbosa vs. United States Ryan Keenan
    Ailton Barbosa
  • Middleweight bouts: United States Brett Cooper vs. United States Valdir Araujo

    Be sure to check out our interview with Brett Cooper. We are biased about this fight, Brett Cooper is a great guy with tons of talent and heart. Valdir Araujo is a tough opponent, but I gotta go with Brett Cooper with the win. His training over at Reign with Mark Munoz and at Kings just gives him the edge in my book. Brett Cooper with the win.
  • Welterweight bout: Brazil Cristiano Souza vs. United States John Kelly
    Cristiano Souza
  • Catchweight (140 lbs) bout: United States Shah Bobonis vs. Brazil Marcos da Matta
    Marcos da Matta
  • Lightweight bout: United States Dietter Navarro vs. Brazil Marcelo Goncalves
    Marcelo Goncalves 
  • Lightweight bout: United States J.P. Reese vs. United States Martin Brown
    J.P. Reese