Lets rundown UFC 151

It’s gotten a bit confusing if you ask us. All the changes, cancellations, the b1tch moves and trash talking. We are gonna try and clear up some of the confusion for you by putting together a basic/rough timeline.

3 weeks ago
– Dan ‘Hendo’ Henderson injures his MCL (possibly due to a sparring incident involving Ramiery Thiery Sokodju) his team tells him to rest.

Between Monday-Wednesday
-Dan works through injury, realizes it’s too much and tries to contact Dana White. (Is unable to due to having Dana’s old number)
– Dana is contactred, Dan is flown to Vegas to see the UFC doctor, he’s told it’s a partial tear and he can’t fight, but doesn’t need surgery.
– Dana White and the UFC begin working on a backup plan for UFC 151’s headline fight Jon Jones vs. ?

– Dana tries to contact Lyoto Machida, is unable to as Machida is in the air on his way back to Brazil. Chael Sonnen is contacted, accepts fight on 8 days notice. Calls Jon Jones a ‘Mental Midget’ and tells Dana to tell Jon ‘There will be no spinning back-fists in this fight, Chael only falls down once.’

– Jon Jones refuses to fight Chael Sonnen. Greg Jackson suggests it’s a bad match up and career move.
– Dana White holds media call to announce the cancellation of UFC 151. Calls Jones decison ‘selfish & disgusting’, refers to Jones as ‘the supposed P4P fighter in the world’ and says Greg Jackson ‘A F23king sport killer.’
– After Dana finishes Conference call, an ‘out of shape’ Anderson Silva offers to ‘save’ UFC 151 by fighting a Light Heavyweight.

– Lyoto Machida turns down title fight in Toronto due to lack of training time. Shogun Rua also declines shot for same reasons. Vitor Belfort steps up and accepts title shot. Chael Sonnen left out.

Official statement from UFC.com

“For the first time in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship®, a UFC® champion has refused to face an alternative challenger after an injury to his original opponent, forcing the organization to cancel an event. ”

“UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones refused an alternative opponent, forcing UFC president Dana White to cancel the entire UFC 151 card at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas next Saturday.”

The short list of fighters who offered to fight Jon Jones or save the UFC 151 card.

  1. Chael Sonnen – offered to give Jones his purse to sweeten the deal
  2. Chris Weidman
  3. Anderson Silva offered to face another Light Heavyweight as main event.

The short list of fighters who turned down a title fight with Jon Jones on short notice for UFC 152(1) in Toronto.

  1. Shogun Rua
  2. Lyoto Machida

The betting lines on Jones vs. Belfort:

Jones  -925
Belfort +625  (bet $100 to win $625)
and as high as
Jones -1500
Belfort +710

Rumble young man Rumble