Jon Jones. Jon ‘MotherF23Kin’ Jones…where do I start?
First, Jones should give props to Rampage for paving the way. If you forgot about Rampage Jackson’s little vehicular activities, Google it. It’s worth the time, trust me.

Below is a timeline of Jones’ vehicular history. Notice how 2 of the 3 end up with a nice photo for mom?

Jones tweeted this pic in 2011

Jones tweeted this pic in 2011. He was not at fault in this one the Police have said.

Jones tweeted his new Bentley

Jones tweeted his new Bentley.  A new car for a New Champ.

Jones Wrecked his New Bentley

Jones Wrecked his New Bentley, while intoxicated, driving 2 women.

Jones NY Mugshot. TMZ Photo

Jones NY Mugshot for the DWI that wrecked his Bentley. TMZ Photo

Jones alleged wrecked rental car in NM.

Jones alleged wrecked rental car in NM. Accused of Hit and Run, felony warrant issued.

Jones Mugshot from NM. Photo from Bernalillo County Metro Detention Center

Jones Mugshot from NM. Photo Bernalillo County Metro Detention Center







That’s swell huh? Of course it is. Swell, swell, swell. Without getting into the innocent/guilty conversation (cause I don’t really care about the details) some things need to be discussed. Jon Jones is/has been heading down a long, long ugly road for sometime. I do not know Jones personally, I met him once (he was polite, articulate, funny and charismatic) at a UFC media event. I can’t speak to his character. What I can say is, he’s been actin a damn fool for quite some time.

In the last couple of weeks, life has changed drastically for the Greatest LHW the UFC has ever known. He’s been stripped of his title, suspended indefinitely, lost major sponsors and sources of income. He’s facing possible jail time (I really doubt that last part) and has a long road ahead of him in terms of re-establishing his credibility with the casual and hardcore fan alike.

The last two are what I keep coming back to in conversation after conversation.

The UFC stripped him of his title and everyone cheered…WHY? What the F23K does stripping him of his title do aside from setting up potentially the biggest payday of his career? Think about it, if/when he comes back, he will be the undefeated former Champ fighting the new Champ for the belt, his belt. Remember when Ali fought for the title after it was stripped from him, it’s considered one of the biggest fights in boxing history. The angle is perfect, the story sells itself, even the non casual fan will want to tune in and see how this plays out. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$CHA$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$CHING!

“But, they suspended him indefinitely.”  You say, and I say, “blah, blah, blah, blah…and so and so forth.” Once again, think this through, the UFC can’t release him, Bellator, WSOF, ONE and every other promotion in the world would line up to give Jon Jones Fellatio while spooning Cocaine into his gaping smile! So the suspension is a business move, made to protect their investment from falling into the wrong hands. It serves to only help the UFC and Jon Jones if/when he comes back. USELESS punishment.

Now let us talk about the consequences of his actions. The alleged hit and run. “He’s gonna go to jail.” You scream. No, no he is not. “But it’s a felony involving a pregnant woman!” You bellow. Still, N.O. Scream all you want. It’s still a resounding N.O. Jones will get a slap on the wrist. Probation, suspended sentence, keep your nose clean and in a year this will be expunged etc. etc, nonsense. He will have to pay the big bucks to make lil miss pregnant go away. She will most likely be getting a check with many zeros. Her unborn child will not need a loan for College, that’s for sure. So far, the only consequences for Jones are bad publicity (which he is used to by now) tarnished reputation (once again, nothing new) and loss of income for a short period of time. Boo Whoo.

What should happen and what will happen are always two different things. To bad the UFC didn’t try to curb this behavior way back when. Yet, is it really  their place to parent an employee ‘independent contractor’?

This could all play out a hundred different ways, I’m giving an educated guess as to how it will fall. I would love to be wrong, for Jones to get extensive rehab, counseling and some form of criminal punishment (like 90 days in county). I would love for Jones to come out of it all and apologize sincerely to lil miss pregnant, then politely tell us all to F23K ourselves before he puts the beating of a lifetime on the poor bastard holding his belt. A man can dream can’t he?

That’s IT!

Rumble young man Rumble