Lil Evil is still at it.

Jens ‘Lil Evil’ Pulver is still at it. First let me start with this, I was, am and will always be a Jens Pulver fan. It’s with that in mind I have to ask: how much longer can he still compete before the effects on his body/mind are too much? If you look at his interviews before he left the UFC the first time, and his interviews after he got to the WEC you can clearly see he is not the same man, his speech pattern is different, his face is different, his movement is different…are you getting the picture? The cumulative effects of the amazing wars Jens Pulver has had, have taken their toll on him. Tuesday I was at Kung Fu Studios playing Supremacy MMA, of course I used Lil Evil’s character. It was awesome. I was happy to see him involved in other aspects of the MMA business, the in-ring aspect of his career should be over. He’s a legend, a warrior, there’s no shame in hangin’ up the gloves at this point in his career. Sadly, he is a warrior, which is why he will continue to fight, in fact he is on the upcoming MMA fight Pit Genesis card, with a whole slew of ex UFC vets. Including Houston Alexander, Jamie Yager and Junie Browing. In case you are unfamiliar with Junie Browning’s recent history.

From Wikipedia:

Arrest and suicide attempt
On October 6, 2009, Browning was arrested and accused of assaulting three nurses at St. Rose Dominican Hospital – Siena Campus in Henderson, Nevada.[7] In the arrest report, the police stated he had taken 16 pills of anti-anxiety drug Klonopin “in an attempt to harm himself” and that after subsequently being taken to the hospital by two friends he pushed a female nurse, punched a male nurse and kicked another male nurse. UFC president Dana White terminated Browning’s UFC contract upon learning about what had happened.

I’m not sure what mental and physical shape Junie is in, I hope he is in a good place. I liked his fighting style, he had a ton of talent. I will be watching this event to see how he does, it’d be nice to see him pull a Chris Leben and change his whole live around.

From The MMA Fight Pit Press Release:

“Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA): MMA Fight Pit’s highly-anticipated debut event on Saturday, August 13th, “MMA FIGHT PIT: GENESIS,” will be offered to fight fans via Pay-Per-View, as was announced today by Fight Pit Co-Owner/Founder Torry Crooks. The fight card is stacked with UFC® and WEC® veterans.”

Main card (PPV)

  • 205 lbs. – Houston Alexander (12-6-0-2) vs. Razak Al-Hassan (11-3)
  • 145 lbs. – Coty Wheeler (14-3) vs. Jens Pulver (24-15-1)
  • 155 lbs. – Junie Browning (4-4) vs. Lenny Lovato (8-1)

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Anthony Dominguez
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