Live Better, Work MMA Into New York

We just celebrated Labor Day in America. This is a day off for many workers to celebrate the achievements of the labor movement. Stuff like the 40 hour work week, minimum wage, the weekend, the end of child labor… mostly seen as a good record worthy of celebration.

One thing about the labor unions: they can be a force to be reckoned with when they take a stand. Right now the culinary union has taken a stand on the UFC coming to New York: Calling on the Fertittas to allow their casinos to be unionized and they’ll drop their resistance to MMA in NY.

Now, the Fertittas are wealthy men. We’re talking about the kind of sustaining wealth that will take care of not only their children, but their children’s children’s children. Probably further down the line. Point is, they’re not hurting for cash.

They should allow the unions to win.

Let the unions come into your casinos, Fertitas. Sure, your payroll will go up a bit, but I bet the extra money in your employees’ pockets will translate into a few UFC shirts and, more importantly, happier employees.

Even more importantly, we’ll get MMA in New York. I bet a few UFC events in New York bring in more than the extra cost and hassle of having a unionized workforce… in addition to the gratitude of the MMA world for breaking the barrier to this market, of course.

I’m sick of seeing people in power in New York looking around and saying “we can’t do anything” when two guys in Vegas can do something…