Lombard was hurt…that explains it

Hector Lombard fought a bizarre fight in his UFC debut. It was his first loss since 2008 and his first in 25 fights. To say fans, the UFC and Hector were disappointed is an understatement. Dana White was pretty harsh, the fans were of course douchey, and Hector didn’t sleep for several days. He spent the hours talking to the haters and fans on Twitter, answering questions with emotional honesty before finally succumbing to exhaustion.

Hector hinted on Facebook that something wasn’t right, not a surprise. We could see it in his footwork and movement in the Octagon™. He declined to name the specifics, not wanting to diminish Tim Boetsch’s victory (a classy move). Just like all secrets in MMA, the truth has been revealed, Lombard was hurt, in fact he shouldn’t have been fighting in the first place.

From Hector Lombard’s Facebook Account: 

“I want to let all my fans know. I fought mu [sic] last fight injured. i wasnt 100% sure but i when to the doctors… I have a fracture sternum with a torn cartilage, i got this injure in training for my fight with Tim Boetsch. I have to be out of training for 6weeks i should never have fought like that, but i didnt want to let my fans and the UFC down, love you all.”

Rumble young man Rumble