Long Beach Fight Night: Live MMA in the LBC!

On a weekend when The Avengers thrilled audiences with special effects, Long Beach Fight Night brought it’s ring to the Hall of Champions gym at Long Beach City College and showed the audience what real, live action is about!

There’s no special effects that can match the excitement of a live MMA match. If you haven’t been to a live event, seek one out, because when you see two opponents, specifically two mixed martial artists face off in the ring or the cage, you’ll be hooked! Anything can happen at any time: strikes, kicks, takedowns, submissions… The crowd roars when something exciting happens!

This is nothing like watching it on TV.

Long Beach Fight Night is a local promotion that is doing things right for the fans: they have great seating close to the ring for purchase, but also, in exchange for your e-mail address, you can gain free admission to the upper decks of their event. That’s right: you can see live MMA for FREE! And the fight card did not disappoint.

All of the fights on the card were pretty evenly matched, which led to some real strategy on the part of the combatants. You could see them thinking and reacting as they engaged and fought for dominance. Results and quick recaps are below the pics:

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Long Beach Fight Night Quick Recaps and Results: (winners in green)
Jon “Light ’em Up” Levy vs. Darren “Hollywood” Smith

You could feel the tension as both fighters respected each other’s striking. Smith’s timing with the shoot, clinch work and finally top work on the ground gave him the unanimous decision.

Katie Casimir vs. Melissa “Real” Steele
Casimir was the aggressor, landing punches but Steele fought through her initial difficulties and dominated on the ground for the split decision win.

Lee “The Silent Warrior” Chapman vs. Greg Parker (USMC)
A good striking match, with Parker dominating the stand-up, landing knees at will. Chapman telegraphed his shot and got caught, first in a standing guillotine and then in attempting to slam his way out of it, in a guillotine on the ground, where Chapman got submitted in round two.

Max Ceniceros vs. Henry “OK” Corrales
Corrales looked good in the opening round, striking well and getting out of trouble early when Ceniceros threatened a guillotine. Corrales was able to slam Ceniceros and end the round on top in North-South position. Round two was a different story, as Ceniceros landed early and Corrales was in trouble, but as Ceniceros pounced, Corrales got his wits about him and after some nice ground work caught Ceniceros in a guillotine for the second round submission victory.

Kana “1 Man Riot” Hyatt vs. Juan “Little Psyched” Rivas
Fight of the Night! These two engaged early, traded in the pocket and battled through adversity. A stand-up striking fan’s dream! Both guys have solid striking and both guys displayed quite a chin! Hyatt got the advantage in the first round, stunning Rivas with knee strikes to the face and yet Rivas stayed in there, striking with Hyatt almost blow for blow! Round two saw more back and forth striking action before Rivas caught Hyatt and finished him with a second round KO.

Brandon “The Bull” Halsey vs. Lew “The Titan” Polley
Fight cancelled. Polley didn’t make weight. A disappointed Halsey made a statement from the ring expressing such. Halsey had an opportunity to take the high road, and he chose a road below that.

Xavier “X-Man” Stokes vs. Cleber Luciano
An odd fight to end the night. Stokes had a clear advantage standing up, although Luciano used his striking decently well to set up his takedowns, which allowed him to end each of the first two rounds on top. Stokes gave him a fight on the ground, as he was clearly well trained there too.

What made this an odd fight was Luciano’s behavior once he achieved mount: he would close his eyes and swing his arms from side to side like Donkey Kong. Seriously. Sometimes he’d be a good 4-6 inches from hitting Stokes. Now, his striking on the ground was solid until mount. In side control, and while working to mount, Luciano landed strong elbows and punches. But once he got mount, and this happened three times, he’d go into Donkey Kong mode. One could surmise that he was hoping the flurry of activity would bring the stoppage and that’s something we’ve all seen a number of times (it almost always surprises me when they do a slow-mo replay of a fight on TV and you see the guy on top hitting the mat or missing as much or more than landing when he’s about to get a stoppage), so perhaps this was a decision to get the win while inflicting the least amount of damage, or perhaps his arms are too short for his posture… Either way, it looked good to the crowd and they responded, and it created the opportunity for Luciano to get the armbar that ended the match in the 3rd round.

All in all, a good night of fighting. If you haven’t been to a local MMA event, you should seriously look one up and go. Visit Long Beach Fight Night for info on their next event and support live & local MMA!