Luazon vs Maynard at UFC 155!

Jlo vs. The Bully! It’s a card made in heaven. We can be pretty sure there won’t be any ‘Running Man’ antics on this card. We can also be pretty sure the card won’t get cancelled. This is a great fight for the fans, Joe is a dangerous fight for Gray, his hands are getting better and his ground game is uncompromised. Gray is looking to deliver after his horrible fight against Clay Guida. This fight could turn out to be the #1 contender bout for the winner of Bendo vs. Nate Diaz! We would love to see Joe Lauzon vs. Nate Diaz, that would be a real scrap. Who you got on this one? We are leaning toward Jlo, just hoping he doesn’t get caught in the nerve center and make a silly mistake.

Rumble young man Rumble