UPDATE: M-1: Fedor vs. Rizzo Full Fight Card Results and Video

Twitter is down, so some of you may have missed the earlier bouts, it’s been an event with 5 1st found finishes so far, fun MMA but maybe not the best ‘match making’. M-1 did a great job of rounding up some sexy ring card girls.

Here is the video of Fedor vs. Rizzo while it lasts

Main Event
265 lbs.: Fedor Emelianenko (235) vs. Pedro Rizzo (243.5)- Fedor Emelianenko defeates Pedro Rizzo by Knockout (Punches, 1st Round, 3:36)
Pedro Rizzo enters the ring to a 106th and Park hip hop style entrance while Fedor enters stoically to some Russian opera or folk music with brother Aleksander. Crazy Pride Lady and our favorite announcer Lenny Hardt announces Fedor with her usual gusto. Epic. Fedor looking trim and Rizzo’s abs are almost visible.

Round 1 begins, this could end fast. They touch gloves, Fedor stalking Rizzo, Rizzo moving fast in and out. Fedor catches him with a strong left. Rizzo shakes it off, pushes forward, We are 3:48 in and Fedor is pushing forward, he catches Rizzo, Rizzo stumbles, regains himself, Fedor throws a leg kick,stutter steps and lands a hooking right to just behind Rizzo’s ear, then unloads several punches, Rizzo crumbles. Rizzo is down, Fedor follows and lands 3-4 more punches on the ground before the ref stops it. Rizzo is on his back and out. It’s over, no surprise here, Fedor wins by KO at 3:36 of  the first round. (they announced the time at 1:54)

Rizzo is up, Fedor and him exchange pleasantries followed by Fedor’s entire family entering the ring to hug and kiss him. Fedor looks like he hasn’t even arrived yet, Rizzo looks a bit beat up. Where do both of  these guys go now?


Heavyweight Title Bout
265 lbs.: Kenny Garner (258) vs. Guram Gugenishvili (252) M-1 Challenge Heavyweight Title- Kenny Garner defeats Guram Gugenishvili (who left the ring before the decision was read) byDoctor Stoppage  to become new Heavyweight Champion. (Doctor, 3rd Round, 5:00). Kenny Garner got Vladimir Putin to throw the ‘deuce’ after his fight, funny moment. 

Lightweight Title Bout
155 lbs.: Musa Khamanaev (155) vs. Daniel Weichel (155) M-1 Challenge Lightweight Title- Musa Khamanex defeats Daniel Weichel by submission to become new LW Champion (Heel Hook, 1st round, 1:48)

265 lbs.: Jeff Monson (234) vs. Denis Komkin (248.6)- Jeff Monson defeats Denis Komkin by submission (North South Choke, 1st round, 1:58)
Jeff comes out to the Russian national anthem (Just after Vladimir Putin arrived ringside), good move to win over the crowd. Komkin immediately goes for the shoot, Monson on his back in guard. Monson transitions in to top, but gets caught in a guillotine, he’s out and in North South raining punches, he adjusts and sinks in the North South Choke, Komkin trys to hold out, and he taps. Jeff Monson wins by North/South Choke. The Russians love him.

155 lbs.: Mairbek Taisumov (155) vs. Marat Gaifurov (155) –Marat Gafurov defeated Mairbek Taisumov by Split Decision
145 lbs.: Mikhail Malyutin (145) vs. Renat Gasanov (151.6)- Mikhail Malyutin defeated Renat Gasanov by TKO (Strikes, 1st Round, 3:16)

185 lbs.: Albert Duraev (185) vs. Ramzan Emeev (185) –Ramazan Emeev defeated Alberta Duraeva by TKO (Strikes, 1st Round)
145 lbs.: Vugar Bahshiev (145) vs. Jerome Bouisson (145)- Vugar Bakhshiev defeated Jerome Bouisson by Submission (Heel Hook, Round 1)
145 lbs.: Pavel Vitruk (145) vs. Radoslav Pehnik (145) –Pavel Vitruk defeated Radoslaw Piechnik by Unanimous Decision
265 lbs.: Dennis Golcov (228) vs. Akhmed Sultanov (230) –Akhmed Sultanov defeated Denis Goltsov by Submission (Heel hook, 1st Round)
185 lbs.: Davrbek Isakov (181) vs. Abdulmazhid Magomedov (185) –Abdulmazhid Magomedov defeated Davreka Isakova by TKO (Strikes, Round 1)

Rumble young man Rumble