M-1 Global Full Fight Card and Predictions

Speaking of fights that make no sense to me, here’s a doozy. Monson vs. Fedor…? Why? How does a win over Monson help Fedor? Sure the lustre of beating Fedor has been rubbed off, yet it can’t hurt Monson. I don’t get any of the decisions ‘the M-1 Organization’ makes, any of them. Below are my predictions, as I don’t know most of the fighters, I used a different system to make my picks, enjoy. Feel free to post your predictions in the comment section. As always, my predictions are in green, Enjoy.

Main card

  • Heavyweight bout: Russia Fedor Emelianenko vs. United States Jeff Monson

    I know this is supposed to be a squash match, but Monson is no pushover. If his cardio is in place, he takes the win by sub or T/KO. If it’s not in place, he loses by T/KO or decision. I don’t see Fedor being able to submit Monson. How this fight benefits Fedor is unknown to me, I get how it benefits others (you know who I’m referring to). Fedor needs a win badly, he needs a win over a ranked opponent badly. There is no way Monson wins a decision in Russia, no way. I expect this to be an ugly fight. Yet fully expect a glowing report of how ‘amazing’ Fedor is, and how ‘he’s back’ after a win over Monson.
  • Lightweight Championship bout: United States Jose Figueroa (c) vs. Germany Daniel Weichel
    Jose because he’s American.  
  • Middleweight bout: Russia Albert Duraev vs. France Xavier Foupa-Pokam
    Xavier because you can’t go against and X-man, especially their leader
  • Middleweight bout: Russia Alexander Yakovlev vs. Spain Juan Manuel Suarez
    Juan, it’s time for a Juan to win. 
  • Lightweight bout: Austria Mairbek Taisumov vs. United States Joshua Thorpe
    Mairbek, because he’s not American. 
  • Lightweight bout: Russia Yuri Ivlev vs. France Jerome Bouisson
    Yuri, because I’ve never rooted for a Yuri before.  

Preliminary card (Facebook)

  • Heavyweight bout: Russia Alexander Volkov vs. Russia Arsen Abdulkerimov
    Arsen, because I want to scream ‘Look, Arsen is winning’ while lighting the fireplace during the fight. 
  • Lightweight bout: Russia Nikolai Kaushansky vs. Russia Alexander Vinogradov
    Nikolai because I was a fan of the WWF wrestler with the same first name. 
  • Welterweight bout: Russia Mikhail Malyutin vs. France Seydina Seck
    Mikhail because that name scares me. It does.  


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